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In addition to disinfecting our restaurant on a daily basis, We have installed Ulatraviolet-C lighting in our HVAC unit. Ultraviolet-C rays are known to kill viruses on surfaces and reduce airborne exposures, helping to protect employees and customers from contracting Covid-19. We shall continue to do everything in our power to maintain a safe and Covid-free environment.

The Manatee Cafe is a predominantly Vegetarian, Vegan Cafe located just a few miles northwest of historical Saint Augustine, Florida. We proudly serve delicious healthful cuisine prepared using certified organically grown fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and fresh herbs when available

We also offer Vegan and gluten free substitutions for items on our menu which are not Vegan or gluten free. Just ask your server!

You may also want to check out our modest line of breads and dairy, organic coffee's, organic grocery products, vitamin supplements and beauty aids.


Executive Chef, Cheryl Crosley kattended Johnson & Wales Culinary School
in Rhode Island. Learning French Cuisine helped her to understand food principles and to explore new ideas.
She has owned and managed the Manantee Cafe now
for over 24 years.

Lunch & Breakfast Served Dailyd
Open Daily
9:00am - 3:00pm

Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day

nnCommunity Aware
The Manatee Cafe has been operating in St. Augustine for many years. We strive to preserve and enhance community awareness by welcoming, flyers, booklets, newsletters and business cards of interest.
Special orders and Take-out are welcomed.
Please call 904 826-0210 for details!

The Manatee Cafe
525 S.R. 16 #106
Westgate Plaza
St. Augustine, Florida  32084
Phone:  (904) 826-0210
Fax:  (904) 826-4080

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